Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Testosterone Pellet Therapy in Tyler, TX

Restore normal testosterone levels and live better.

Testosterone is key to men’s health — affecting mood, sex life, memory, metabolism, muscles, and more. But as you age, your body produces less of it.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can augment natural testosterone production, restoring it to normal levels. Forum Health Tyler performs testosterone balancing through pellets implanted under the skin.

I didn’t even know that I was feeling that bad until testosterone therapy. And then I literally felt like a new man. My energy, my relationship with my wife — everything took off.

Forum Health Tyler Patient

You’ve heard about testosterone therapy but aren’t sure if its for you. Let Forum Health Tyler help you find the answers you need. We provide a program of Hormone Replacement Therapy demonstrated to help you on your quest to staying healthy and active.

Hormones are not drugs. Hormones are natural substances which function as messengers to stimulate cells to heal, reproduce and rejuvenate. Disease and symptoms of aging occur when hormone levels decline. Physical deterioration is not a requirement of growing older. Natural hormone supplementation can help your healthy aging.

Thinking hormone therapy may just be for you? Read the questions below to help you decide.

  • Have you lost your sports endurance?
  • Can’t find the stamina to finish what you start?
  • Has your strength and muscles vanished and been replaced with flabby weak tissue?
  • Is your sense of well-being nowhere to be found?
  • Are you getting a beer belly and you don’t drink beer?
  • Loss of libido or sex drive?

If any of this scenarios apply to you then you may benefit from testosterone therapy. You don’t need a treasure map to find your endurance, stamina, strength, muscles, and sense of well-being. The only map you need is the one to our office.

LifeTime hormone therapy includes office visit, Male Hormone Evaluation questionnaire, recommendations for serum blood testing and a complete evaluation of lab results. Evaluations include a follow up Office Visit or phone consultation to review test results and the treatment plan. Patients should schedule this at the conclusion of the Male Hormone Evaluation for 2-3 days later. Blood testing for men may include tests for testosterone, SHBG, DHEA, PSA, Vitamin D, and Thyroid functions (TSH, T3). Other tests may be ordered as needed.

Benefits of Testosterone Pellet Therapy

For men with low testosterone, hormone replacement therapy through pellet insertion can have life-changing results.

Potential benefits include:

  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Better sex drive, erections, and energy
  • Improved mood, memory, and sleep
  • Decreased fat

Chronic health conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease have also been associated with low testosterone levels.


Understanding Testosterone

It is possible to slow down the undesirable aspects, symptoms and diseases associated with aging. Only after a complete physical examination and laboratory evaluation will a personalized hormone supplementation program be prescribed for you and then monitored by our providers, until the appropriate optimal hormone levels for you have been achieved.

Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands and testes. It contributes to muscle mass, strength and endurance, decreased fat, increased exercise tolerance, enhancement of well being and psychological status. Testosterone protects against cardiovascular disease, hypertension, body fat and arthritis. It leads to improved lean muscle mass, increased bone density, decrease in cholesterol, improved skin tone, improved healing capacity, and increased libido and sexual performance.

Testosterone is the best hormone to increase collagen and elastin in the skin. It prolongs the quality of life by decreasing the diseases of aging. Testosterone is the second most important hormone for energy and well being.

Testosterone can be delivered in 3 main ways:

  • A compounded cream that is applied to the skin 1-2 times a day
  • An intramuscular injection given here in our office once every 5-21 days depending on levels. Once a client is comfortable with self-injection he can be given a prescription for home use.
  • Pellets which are placed, here in our office, under the skin for a 4-6 month slow release of hormone.

Why Pellets?

Pellets are the most effective, safest, and convenient form of testosterone replacement.

Testosterone pellets have been in use for more than 60 years. Unlike creams and gels applied to your skin, pellets have no risk of contaminating women, children, and pets.

Pellets deliver more consistent testosterone levels. Over the long term, patients avoid the fluctuations seen with other hormone delivery methods.

Testosterone pellets are virtually painless and have few side effects. Another option is self-injected testosterone. But men often complain about pain; the weekly injection frequency; difficulty traveling with testosterone and needles; and side effects.


How Pellets Work

Each pellet — about the size of a small breath mint — contains natural compressed testosterone.

During a quick and painless procedure, these crystalline pellets are implanted under the skin in the upper buttock area. The incision is so small that it can be closed with a piece of tape.

Once implanted, pellets deliver a steady dose of testosterone. Because they dissolve slowly over four months, you avoid the ups and downs seen with therapies like weekly (and painful) testosterone injections. The effects last 4–6 months after treatment.

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